Adobe Acquires EchoSign Digital Signature Solution Outfit

One of the most annoying things for business travelers has to be the difficulty when it comes time to print something. The advent of e-mail has certainly helped this, but there are still too many occasions where a users simply have to print something, sign it, scan it, and send it back. It's a tedious process and usually is needed immediately. A few third-party apps have surfaced in recent years that allow people to apply a digital signature on their mobile and send something back, but those usually aren't cross-platform apps. So, what's the solution?

Adobe aims to make things easier. The company responsible for Acrobat, PhotoShop and Flash has just acquired EchoSign, a web-based signature solution firm. EchoSign’s pioneering electronic signature solution will be a key component of Adobe’s document exchange services platform for reliably exchanging documents for universal access, review and approval, and if ported over to mobile, this could be the key for business travelers who need to stamp signatures onto documents.

EchoSign’s solution, which currently supports more than three million users worldwide, will be offered as part of Adobe’s online document exchange services platform. The solution will be integrated with other Adobe document services including SendNow for managed file transfer, FormsCentral for form creation and CreatePDF for online PDF creation. With just one click, the EchoSign electronic signature solution automates the entire signature process from the request for signature to the distribution and execution of the form or agreement. The EchoSign solution provides a secure subscription-based service to individuals, small- to medium-sized businesses and enterprise customers, enabling real-time visibility into the signature process and automatically storing and managing all signed documents.

Now how long until there are iOS, webOS, BlackBerry, WP7 and Android apps?