Adios Hotmail...Welcome Windows Live

Windows Live has been around for several months, but apparently it took a redesign complete with the old hotmail look to get the ball rolling.
"Microsoft had been tinkering with Windows Live Mail for months, but testers still weren't happy.

The program was too slow to load, too different and, well, just not like the old Hotmail it was intended to replace.

It was a painful realization for the more than 100 managers and developers on the project. In banking on a snazzy Web 2.0 application to try to catch up to rivals Yahoo and Google, Microsoft had dramatically overshot its audience."
For those of you still wanting the outlook-like interface of the now 'old' full version it is still available for anyone who wants to use it.  For users this is a good thing, you can chose whichever style you are most comfortable with.