Adding Items To Your Amazon Wish List Is Now Totally Tweetable

With the holiday shopping season right around the bend, companies will be ramping up efforts to draw eyeballs to their wares and solicit your business. Enter Amazon and the introduction of a new shopping hashtag that allows Twitter users to add items to their Amazon Wish List simply by tweeting. Just include #AmazonWishList and a link to the item you're jonesing for in your tweet, or reply to a tweet containing an Amazon link with the aforementioned hashtag.

"Twitter offers Amazon customers a great environment for inspiration and discovery," said John Yurcisin, Director of Social at Amazon. "#AmazonWishList makes it easy for people to quickly add holiday gifts, décor or entertaining items tweeted by interesting people, friends, or brands on Twitter to their Amazon Wish List, allowing customers to simply save items to their Wish List and keep on Tweeting."

Image Source: Flickr (Andrew Mager)

This latest effort builds on the recent launch of #AmazonCart, a hashtag that allows customers to add items to their cart from within Twitter. In either case, you must first connect your Twitter and Amazon account, which you can do by following the instructions in this link.

In addition to dropping not-so-subtle hints at your family and friends when you have a birthday or other special occasion coming up, Amazon's hashtag efforts also make it easier for companies and celebrities to pitch their goods and services to followers (see embedded tweet above for how this might work).

What do you think, is this something you can see yourself taking advantage of, or will this lead to a bunch of junk posts?