A-Data Announces XPG DDR3-2133 Memory

A-DATA Technology Co., Ltd., a worldwide leader in high performance memory products, announced today that it is launching A-DATA XPG DDR3-2133X v2.0 of its X Series. These high-performance modules run at incredible 2133MHz with CL10-10-10-30 timings and are available in 1GBx3/2GBx3 triple-channel as well as 2GB/4GB dual-channel module kits.

A-DATA XPG DDR3-2133X v2.0 is engineered with heavy Aluminum heatspreaders and an additional dual-fan unit, keeping the RAMs cool. A-DATA combined two methods of heat dissipation to maximize the OC performance for its entire X Series Version 2.0.

A-DATA X Series memory represents the ultimate overclocking performance. It was developed to unleash the hidden power of CPU and motherboard by using A-DATA’s latest overclocking IC sorting technology. A-DATA XPG modules are guaranteed to satisfy the needs of PC enthusiasts and gamers for high-performance, compatibility, and stability.

  • All memory chips are verified using overclocking criteria for better quality.
  • High quality 8 layers PCB (Printed Circuit Board)
  • Dual Blue LED Fan (3500RPM, 50 x 50 mm, Noise level : 21.8dB
  • Optimized for 64-bit OS (operating system)
  • *Backward compatible with DDR3-1600, 1333 and 1066
  • Lifetime limited warranty
* 32-bit OS environment has 4GB memory addressing barrier which results in 2.5~3GB memory accessibility.

  • 2GB/4GB dual channel module kits are tested at 2133MHz
  • 3GB/6GB triple channel module kits are tested at 2133MHz
  • Tested at latency setting 10-10-10-30 at 2.05V-2.15V
  • SPD (Serial Presence Detect) programmed at JEDEC standard DDR3-1333 with latency settings at 9-9-9-24 for basic system booting