Active Media Products Debuts New 32GB/64GB 1.8" SaberTooth SSDs

Active Media Products has a thing for tossing out new storage solutions when you least expect thing, and today they're doing just that with an all new SSD in a form factor that doesn't get nearly enough attention. The 2.5" drive, which fits nicely inside of notebooks, gets the most SSD action, while desktops and portable media players get left alone in most cases. The company's new 1.8" PATA Turbo ZIF SSD is designed for the latter, or any other device that needs an exceptionally small drive to operate.

The drive is being released in 32GB and 64GB models, with read speeds of up to 100MB/sec supported. Write speeds can reach up to 85MB/sec, and AMP says that these new drives offer 25% faster read and 100% faster write than existing rivals. Both of these fall into the SaberTooth ZT line, with their PATA/IDA ZIF interface supporting PIO mode 4 and UDMA mode 6. Both also support SMART commands, and they're available now on Amazon for $169.95 and $299.95. We're hoping to see these ship in smaller devices such as MIDs and UMPCs (or your next tablet/slate PC) soon, but there's no mention of any OEM deals.

Active Media Products Releases 1.8-Inch PATA Turbo ZIF SSD

New SaberTooth ZT IDE Drive Touts 25% Faster Read and 100% Faster Write Speeds
than Most Existing ZIF SSDs

Fremont, California – March 8, 2010 – Active Media Products, manufacturer of SSDs and endangered species USB drives, today released new 32GB and 64GB 1.8-inch PATA ZIF SSDs that support read speeds up to 100MB/sec and, thanks to their DRAM cache, reach write speeds up to 85MB/sec. These new Turbo ZIF SSDs are available now through Amazon.

With no moving parts, SaberTooth ZT is rugged enough for use in industrial, embedded and network computing applications where a very compact yet high speed storage solution is needed. Its PATA / IDE ZIF interface supports PIO mode 4 and UDMA mode 6. It also supports SMART commands. The ZT includes excellent ECC, wear leveling and bad block management technologies that improve reliability and extend endurance. These drives have the same physical dimensions as industry standard 1.8-inch HDDs, measuring only 2.8 x 2.1 x 0.2 inches (71 x 54 x 5 mm), making them an easy plug-in replacement in many laptops and netbooks. Active Media Products' full range of PATA ZIF SSDs now includes three models:

Read/Write Speeds
SaberTooth Z
16GB - 32GB
54 x 32 mm
75/55 MB/s
SaberTooth ZX
32GB - 128GB
71 x 54 x 5 mm
80/38 MB/s
SaberTooth ZT
32GB - 64GB
71 x 54 x 5 mm
100/85 MB/s

SaberTooth SSD Advantages
SaberTooth SSDs offer a multitude of advantages over HDDs including:
- Substantially faster bootup and application load speeds;
- Consume far less power than HDDs, which means you'll enjoy longer battery life and greater productivity;
- Lighter weight than an HDD;
- No moving parts;
- Completely silent operation;
- Produce less heat than an HDD;
- More rugged and reliable than an HDD.

"The SaberTooth ZT removes the performance tradeoffs that have plagued slim 1.8" ZIF drives for so long. Now you can get a truly fast ZIF drive that still fits in a standard 1.8" form factor. By incorporating a DRAM cache, we've dramatically improved write speeds over other ZIF drives", stated Active Media Products' VP of Sales, Jerry Thomson. Part numbers and current pricing on Amazon are as follows: N32G-PATAZIF-ZT $169.95, N64G-PATAZIF-ZT $299.95.

About Active Media Products
Based in the heart of Silicon Valley, Active Media Products LLC is dedicated to developing creative new media products that improve performance and enhance the user’s experience. Our focus on innovative product development enables us to bring new technology to market a step ahead of the competition. AMP is a leader in small form factor SSDs and manufactures the Wink and the endangered species line of USB drives.