Active Media Debuts Predator GT SATA II SSDs

As the solid state drive expands further, we've got yet another company stepping in to grab a slice of the sweet, lucrative pie. Hitting just days after Super Talent's own MasterDrive SX line, Active Media's new Predator GT SSDs sound pretty menacing, and they should perform quite admirably. In fact, the company is announcing two new drives, the 64GB and 128GB Predator GT SATA-II.

Both units promise to deliver 220MB/sec sequential reads and 0.1ms access times, and each come housed in a brushed aluminum housing and a mounting bracket for placing in a 3.5" bay. The 64GB Predator GT has sequential write rates of up to 120MB/sec, while the 128GB version takes it to 200MB/sec. Each one also includes 128MB of SDRAM, an 8-channel controller and price tags of $199.95 and $369.99 for the 64GB and 128GB models, respectively.