Acer’s B326HK 32” 4K Monitor Gets $999 Price Tag, Is Available Today

It’s hard to say that a nearly $1,000 display is affordable, but Acer’s newly-launched 32-inch B326HK is one of the less-expensive monitors in the 4K market. With a resolution of 3840x2160 (four times the available pixels of a 1920x1080 display) and IPS technology for wide-angle viewing, the display is bound to get the attention of everyone from artists to gamers.

The Acer B326HK monitor is a sub-$1000 4K Ultra HD display.

The B326HK isn’t a flashy display, but it’s designed to be easy to adjust, whether you want to raise, lower, or tilt it. The monitor also comes with a full complement of ports, including HDMI with MHL (for mobile devices), DisplayPort, DVI, Mini DP, and USB 3.0.

Althought its frame is unexciting, the 4K display at $999 is worth paying attention to.

Other specs are solid, but unsurprising: the B326HK has a 6ms response time and 100,000,000:1 maximum contrast ratio. The monitor is mercury-free and Energy Star and Epeat Gold-compliant and is backed by a three-year warranty.

Although HDMI 2.0 is not present, the Acer B326HK has plenty of ports including DP and Mini Dp, as well as DVI with MHL for tablets and smartphones

The Acer display isn’t the only sub-$1,000 4K Ultra HD display. Dell has three under a grand for example, including the 24-inch P2415Q, which rings it at just under $600. But none of Dell’s sub-$1,000 monitors provide more than 27-inches of screen real estate, whereas the B326HK boasts 32 inches.