Acer's Aspire Switch 12 Notebook One-ups Previous Models By Offering 5 Modes, Including Desktop

When Acer revealed its Aspire Switch 10 and 11 notebooks a couple of months ago, it really touted them as being something amazing. To its favor, I don't think the company was that far off-the-mark. Not only do the Aspire Switch models released so far look great, they're also extremely flexible. In its commercials, Acer hinted at the fact that the Switch really could have been called a 4-in-1, due to the number of modes it has.

Well, with its just-announced Aspire Switch 12, Acer not only one-ups the previous models in size, but also in the amount of modes. This time around, there are 5 to choose from, which include: Notebook, pad (tablet), display (presentation mode), tent, and desktop. "Desktop?", you ask? Behold:

With desktop mode, you'll be able to detach only the keyboard portion of the base, allowing you to back up a bit from the display. This to me is a brilliant design, and I wish more notebooks would come out with it. I'm not much of a notebook guy to begin with, and the big reason is that I simply don't like being scrunched-up in front of the PC. With this design, using the notebook would be far more relaxing, at least to me.

Because of the Aspire Switch 12's unique design, you can make use of tent mode by keeping the display far closer to the desk surface, as seen in the shot below. This could be useful for those wanting to play touch games, and with that 12.5-inch screen, I can imagine they'd be quite a bit of fun to play on this.

The Aspire Switch 12 is more than just its modes. For starters, its 12.5-inch IPS display offers a 1080p resolution, and with its "Zero Air Gap" direct bonding technology, Acer promises that the notebook will deliver an amazing image even at a wide viewing angle. Under the hood is an Intel Core M processor, although like most specs at the moment, we're not sure exactly which model(s) it'll be. Perhaps one of those we talked about yesterday? For Wi-Fi needs, the notebook will include dual antennas, and for peripheral connectivity, micro USB 3.0 and micro HDMI ports are also included. For storage, you'll be able to choose between either a 60GB or 120GB SSD.

Pricing is being kept mum at the moment, and will only become available once the Aspire Switch 12 begins shipping. That's expected to occur in early 2015, so hopefully you weren't so won-over that you were hoping to pick one up in time for the holidays.

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