Acer XV282K KV 24-Inch Gaming Display Breaks Cover With 4K 144Hz FreeSync Panel

acer hero
Acer is bringing gaming monitor goodness to the market with their upcoming Acer XV282K KV monitor. This 28” 4K IPS display is packed with features and specifications such as AMD FreeSync, an HDR600 rating, 1ms response times, and 144Hz refresh rates.

Looking at the TaoBao page that it cropped up on, this gaming monitor looks like what you would expect from Acer. The base is a basic round design and red trim around the pole. Moving up to the monitor, it is an all-black design with angular lines with some vents on the rear. Also on the rear, you will find I/O which includes HDMI 2.1 and DisplayPort 1.4 as well as a USB 3.0 hub.  As far as monitor movement goes, you will be able to rotate the monitor 90 degrees, tilt -5 to 25 degrees, and move the monitor up and down between 100mm (~4”).
acer rear
Diving into the other specifications is where things begin to get interesting. Addressing the elephant in the room, the monitor is a 4K IPS display with an HDR600 rating. In the TaoBao listing, however, it says the brightness of the device is 550cd/m2 whereas to get HDR600 certification, you need “peak luminance of 600cd/m2.” So, we will have to see about HDR600 once available. Going further into the listing, we see AMD FreeSync capability and 144Hz refresh rate. To help with 4K gaming, the device also touts a 1ms response time so you can hit flick shots in games.  Overall, these specs should make this monitor a gorgeous display for gaming and productivity.

Although we do not have any data from Acer directly, according to TaoBao, the product will ship around January 2021. Ultimately, keep an eye out on HotHardware as we wait for Acer to make a statement about this device.