Acer Working Hard On A Few Android Devices

Wow, Acer's been busy of late. The Aspire Revo, a few new Aspire notebooks and two new all-in-one desktops -- all in April. Not to be sold short in any way, shape or fashion, the company is also hard are work on at least one Android device, and it definitely has an Android-based netbook in the rear of its mind.

Acer president and CEO Gianfranco Lanci spoke up at the firm's first-quarter investor's conference in Taipei on Wednesday of this week, and without question, Android was the hot topic. He stated that "the entire industry is looking at Android," and he followed up that by proclaimed that Acer is "testing Android on a lot of different solutions." Notice that "a lot" bit? Yeah, exciting.

Specifically, he stated that "we are working on an Android solution for the smartphone, [but] I think it's too early to say if we're going to see Android on a netbook in the near future." Still, we think he's just downplaying the notion while development works out the kinks. Acer could use a whiz-bang netbook to counter Asus' unending Eee PC assault, and nothing would gain hype quite like a netbook with Android under the hood. Of course, it has yet to be seen if Android can really withstand the pressures of a full-fledged PC; it's great on a phone, but can it hold its own on a netbook? We'd love for Acer to let us know.