Acer Wants You To Build Your Own Cloud (BYOC) With New Storage Services

If Acer, the world's fourth largest PC maker in terms of shipments, thought competing in the computer space was tough -- which it certainly is -- just wait until it gets a feel for the competition in the cloud sector that it's about to dive into. Acer's venture into the cloud will consist of making software and offering online computer services as part of its Build Your Own Cloud (BYOC) initiative.

According to Reuters, Acer announced BYOC after posting losses for three quarters in a row. However, the company is pretty light on details at the moment, so we're not sure how exactly it plans to roll out this initiative.


What we do know is that Acer sees BYOC as the future of cloud computing. It will focus on the Internet of Things and allow users who are tapped in to control home appliances or automobiles using their smartphone. What it sounds like from a promotional video Acer posted is that your PC is the cloud, and you'll interact with it using a software solution from Acer. Have a look:

Though Acer sees the cloud playing a big role in its future, the company isn't turning its back on PCs.

"The computer is still our foundation, but BYOC is a new platform for integration, cross-compatibility, and convenience," Acer founder and chairman Stan Shih said at a news conference.

This is a bit of a gamble for Acer, depending on the amount of resources the company pumps into its BYOC initiative. Competition is fierce in the cloud space and includes some major players like Amazon and Cisco. Whether or not BYOC can stand out from the pack of competing cloud services remains to be seen.
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