Acer TimelineX Notebooks Use 3M Film To Improve Energy Efficiency

3M’s Optical Systems Division is working with Acer to deliver a new line of energy-efficient notebooks. By utilizing 3M’s multi-layer optical films in its Aspire TimelineX series, Acer is able to offer a battery life of eight hours while still providing superior display performance and an ultra slim form factor. 3M’s optical film is designed to increase the brightness of the display. It also enhances the display’s form factor.

3M Energy-Efficiency Film Technology Enhances Power Savings and
Display Quality of Acer TimelineX Notebooks

Company’s Multi-layer Optical Film Sets New Industry Standard in Portable Computing

ST. PAUL, Minn.--The elusive goal of developing a notebook computer with an eight-hour battery life has become a reality. Users have demanded extended performance, along with a slim form factor, without sacrificing high-quality resolution. Building upon its commitment to improve energy efficiency in electronic devices, 3M’s Optical Systems Division today announced that it is working with Acer to usher in a new era of energy-efficient notebooks.

Specifically, Acer, the world’s No. 2 notebook company, has utilized 3M’s multi-layer optical films in its Aspire TimelineX series. The new notebook series provides an impressive extended battery life of eight hours, as well as superior display performance and an ultra slim form factor.

3M’s multi-layer optical films can increase power savings in notebook displays. The additional brightness budget can be used to extend battery life and/or reduce the weight of the battery. Based on a recent market survey with 1,1892 respondents conducted by 3M, 85% of those surveyed liked the display with 3M film solutions not only for its brightness, but also enhanced picture quality. Also, 89% of those surveyed are willing to pay more for a display with 3M solution. 3M’s optical film solution not only increases the brightness, but can also enhance the display’s form factor.

According to Acer, 3M was one of its innovation partners that helped achieve the energy-efficient notebook design. Specifically, the company’s multi-layer optical film is one of the key components that have enabled Acer to achieve an extended battery life. In addition, 3M’s multi-layer optical films allow the flat panel displays used in the Aspire TimelineX series to be brighter, with wider viewing angles, while reducing internal components—contributing to an ultra-thin, sleek form factor. Acer continues to seek and deliver technology solutions that address the specific needs of mobile users.

“The Acer Aspire TimelineX notebooks have truly set a new standard for the industry,” said Jim Bauman, 3M’s vice president and general manager, 3M Optical Systems Division. “To deliver a powerful, energy-efficient notebook with high picture quality in an ultra-slim design provides users with an unparalleled mobile computing experience. I’m pleased 3M and Acer can deliver this product to the market.”