Acer Tells Microsoft to "Think Twice" About Surface Tablet Strategy

Microsoft might be super stoked about launching itself in the tablet space with its upcoming Surface device, but the company's hardware partners aren't as thrilled with the idea. Some are more outspoken than others, like Acer chairman and chief executive JT Wang, who said Microsoft's move would negatively affect the computing ecosystem as we know it.

"We have said [to Microsoft] think it over," Wang told The Financial Times. "Think twice. It will create a huge negative impact for the ecosystem and other brands may take a negative reaction."

Wang took it a step further and claims to have told Microsoft tablets and hardware are "not something you are good at so please think twice." Microsoft doesn't need Acer's approval to push out a Windows 8 tablet, nor is Microsoft blissfully unaware of the tension it's creating.

Microsoft Surface

"Our Surface devices will compete with products made by our OEM partners, which may affect their commitment to our platform," Microsoft stated in its most recent financial report.

Microsoft ultimately believes OEMs will stick around, because if the company didn't believe that, there's no way it would risk severing ties simply to launch a tablet product. Windows, after all, is Microsoft's bread and butter. But is Microsoft underestimating how peeved its hardware partners are?

Acer president Campbell Kan acknowledged that there's talk within his organization on how to proceed. Specifically, the company wonders if it should "find other alternatives" if Microsoft insists on being a hardware player.