Acer Reveals S271HL Ultra Slim LED Monitor

Acer announced the new S271HL S1 series LED monitor that features a dynamic contrast ratio of 100,000,000:1. This monitor also touts a response time of 2 ms and features HDMI and DVI ports with HDCP support. As you might guess from its model number, the S271HLA is a 27-inch monitor. It features an ultra-slim 24 mm profile. The S271HLA utilizes white LED technology which eliminates hazardous substances and reduces power consumption in comparison to traditional CCFL displays. The LED lamp also enables the reproduction of a larger color range with better saturation. The Acer S271HL is expected to be available in the UK at the end of April for £229 (approximately $359). There's no word on when it will come to U.S.

Acer S271HL Ultra slim, Big Picture - Modern design, large screen
and mercury free for eco-friendly users

The Acer S271HL S1 series monitor, is an energy efficient and earth friendly LED Monitor, endowed with cutting-edge technologies such as striking contrast ratio (100M: 1), blazing response time (2 ms), HDMI and DVI ports with HDCP support.

Whether for work or for fun, the Acer S271HLA helps to enhance productivity thanks to the 27” large screen making it easy to view multiple applications in parallel. The ultra-slim 24 mm profile characterized with rounded glossy porcelain-like foot stand is the perfect solution for the style conscious and space-saving home users.

The S271HLA integrates white LED technology which eliminates hazardous substances such as mercury or halogen gases. Plus, compared to the traditional CCFL displays the S273HL can reduce power consumption by up to 68%. This translates to big cost savings, while preserving nature’s energy resources. The LED lamp not only ensures exceptional reliability and great savings but delivers a better performance. In fact, it allows the reproduction of a larger color range with better saturation: the result is extraordinary realism, unobtainable with standard technologies.

The smart 27” Monitor is equipped with an array of ports ensuring easy connectivity to a wide range of devices: VGA; HDMI, DVI with HDCP protection, ensuring full enjoyment of DRM-protected content; HDMI, providing advanced digital connectivity enabling outstanding high-definition viewing and best quality uncompressed video currently available

Featuring outstanding dynamic contrast ratio of 100,000,000:1 optimized by Acer Adaptive Contrast Management, the S271HL renders razor-sharp images with rich colours through the enhancement of detail and gradation in bright or dim scenes. This allows users to view heavy data files or CAD applications with exceptional precision and sharp defined lines. The ultra-fast response time helps avoiding the blurring effect in fast paced videos or games

Detailed information on Acer products and a catalogue with prices in PDF format are available on Acer’s website

Acer S271HL Technical Specification

Panel Specs

Display Size

27" wide (16:9) LED

Max Resolution

1920 x 1080 @ 60 Hz

Response Time

2 ms

Contrast Ratio

100 million:1 (ACM)


250 nits (cd/m2)

Viewing Angle

170° (H), 160° (V)

Panel Technology

TN+Film (LED Backlight)

Panel Width

24 mm (min)

System Specs

Input Signal

Analog + DVI (w/HDCP) + HDMI

VESA Wall Mount


Power Consumption


0.35 W


0.48 W


24.1 W