Acer Plans a $99 Tablet for Developing Markets

Acer is making white box tablet producers nervous with rumors floating around that the well-known computer maker is developing a $99. At that price, it’s likely to eat up a large chunk of the market share that is currently going to off brands, particularly in developing countries. At the moment, it doesn’t look as though Acer is planning to introduce the tablet it the U.S., as it will have outdated components compared to other devices on the market.

This is the Acer Iconia Tab A100, available in the U.S.

Of course, if the Acer tablet does come to the U.S., that $99 price tag would surely attract the attention of many customers who would otherwise buy a Barnes & Noble Nook or an Amazon Kindle. Right now, the word is that the tablet will be called the Iconia B1 and will have a 1.2GHz CPU. The screen resolution is expected to be 1024x600. In any event, it looks like the race to the pricing bottom is on for tablets, and that’s (mostly) good news for us.


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