Acer Introduces Pininfarina AT58 HDTV Family

Acer? Television? In the same sentence. It's true. Acer, the company you probably know best for Aspire One netbooks, has just introduced a new LED TV series, the Pininfarina. It's a tricky name, but it's easy to tell from a glance that these are Acer's products. The new AT58 line have been designed with the Pininfarina designer signature, offering a more-stylish-than-usual appearance in order to give buyers confidence in showing them off.

These new panels have LED backlit displays and have an HD-ready resolution in the 20" size (1600x900), while 1080p panels are on the 23", 27", 32" and 42" sets. A "complete range" of ports is said to be found on the rear, with 8 total sizes and models to choose from. The family also includes InfiniContrast technology, and in Europe, they'll also have DVB-T tuners.

The Aspire AT58 series 20” and 23” models will be available from mid October with an RRP of £229.99inc (AT2058ML 20”), £269.99inc (AT2358ML 23”) and £279.99inc (AT2358MLW white 23”). The 27” and 32” will be available in November followed by the 32” and 42” in December.

Rigour and fluidity for the brand new Acer AT58 LED TV series

London, 6th October 2010 – A desire to enjoy and further enhance technology is what Acer and Pininfarina have in common: the desire to grant innovation an inimitable style that captivates, fascinates, and appeals to the user.
This mutual passion has now given rise to the collaboration between the two brands with a new surprising and extraordinary range of products: the AT58 series.
The devices bearing the Pininfarina designer signature were engineered to impress, fascinate, and enchant even the most discriminating consumer.
They offer innovative design and vintage flair, surprising viewing technologies and useful and efficient functions that enable the user to enjoy any type of multimedia content.
Between vintage and innovation: Pininfarina design
Right angles and straight lines are softened to harmonise with their surroundings: the design of Acer AT58 TVs was especially designed by Pininfarina to attract and relax the user. The slightly curved edges recall those of the first televisions that we would switch on furtively when we should have been doing our homework. But the ultra-thin silhouette, the transparent frame, and the glossy pedestal seduce and allude to the technological perfection that this TV has to offer. Moreover, the logo designed by Pininfarina on the frame of the TV is immediately transformed into the prestigious signature of the artist on his painting, granting added value to the work itself.  

Not only LED: technology that conquers
If the design of the new Acer AT58 TV series is visually appealing, its performance specs will conquer consumers definitively.
The new Acer TVs are equipped with backlit LED panels that offer more vivid images while allowing energy saving of 68% over traditional LCD monitors. Colours and images acquire extraordinary realism thanks to the HD ready resolution for 20” formats and Full HD for 23”, 27”, 32” and 42” formats.
Moreover, thanks to 24p reproduction, films and videos with a brisk pace are always clear and brimming with details, while combined filters specially and accurately elaborate signals for brightness and colours to guarantee that they are as natural as possible.
InfiniContrast technology also ensures a notable improvement in contrast and detail, especially in darker and lighter scenes, thereby offering surprising image quality.
An open platform for multimedia formats
The image quality offered by Acer AT58 TVs is not limited to TV shows and films. The ATxx58 models were created to reproduce multimedia contents from all the devices you may have at home and to generate videos and films to bring with you wherever you go.

 Thanks to the PRV (Personal Video Recorder), they can be recorded on any USB pen drive or external HDD for easy transfer to any portable device.
A complete range of ports allows you to enjoy all the multimedia content stored on your portable devices: the USB port allows you to play any multimedia content, while the numerous HDMI ports make it easy to connect your game console, media player, and multimedia platform.
The AT58 series design by Pininfarina counts 8 models in a number of display sizes - 20”, 23”, 27”, 32” and 42” - to satisfy any usage needs.
All the family is equipped with the InfiniContrast technology for stunning image brightness. Beside the 20”model with 1600x900 HD resolution, all the others – from 23’’ to 42’’- are Full HD 1080p. The AT58 series come with DVB-T (H.264) and CI+. DVB-T (H.264) and CI+.
The 23” will be available in two colours: white or black. White is smart and casual, evoking a captivating charm and is always blends easily, especially in the kitchen. Black instead lends an elegant feel, making it a suitably fashionable accessory for any room.
The refresh rate for all the products is 50 Hz, while the 32’’ and  42’’ will be available also in the 100Hz version.  
The Aspire AT58 series 20” and 23” models will be available from mid October with an RRP of £229.99inc (AT2058ML 20”), £269.99inc (AT2358ML 23”) and £279.99inc (AT2358MLW white 23”). The 27” and 32” will be available in November followed by the 32” and 42” in December. 
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