Acer Aspire Timeline 1820P To Boast Convertible Multi-touch Tablet Design

Acer may be dealing with some lingering issues on its standard Timeline series, but evidently the company's R&D labs are whirring in an effort to pump out what will amount to being the first-ever Timeline tablet PC. The Aspire Timeline 1820P has yet to be officially confirmed or announced by Acer itself, but the always knowledgable Macles has images and specifications of what could be just around the bend.

We're told that the 1820P shares a lot with the 1810T--so much, in fact, that the actual hardware specifications are exactly identical. The internal components, port layout and technical specs are a perfect match, and the panel size will also be the same. The only difference? Well, this one's a convertible multi-touch tablet PC, so it's a pretty major single difference.

We're still eagerly awaiting a price and release date, but we can be assured that it'll ship with Windows 7. With this release and Lenovo's multi-touch T400s, we've seen quite a few multitouch machines hit the scene of late. Frankly, we think this will be a trend. Windows 7 is far more multi-touch friendly than Vista ever was, and with laptop makers needing "a new thing" to hook consumers on, multitouch seems like the perfect option. Do you ever see yourself splurging on a multi-touch laptop? Do you really have a need for one?