Acer Announces Ferrari-Branded Liquid Android Phone

Well, Asus and Garmin may be parting ways, but there are still friendships to be made in the smartphone world. Acer and Ferrari (yes, that Ferrari!) have managed to come together in order to put forth a new smartphone model based around Google's Android OS, and just like the Ferrari-based notebooks that we have seen in the past, there's no doubt that the color scheme will attract some eyes. This is easily one of the hottest, most stylish Android phones that have hit the mainstream, and even if you aren't particularly fond of Ferrari, that candy apple red paint makes it stand out from the rest.

The jointly produced phone will fall into Acer's Liquid model line, and production will be limited to just 200,000 pieces. It will be Ferrari branded and sold with Ferrari content pre-loaded. Acer hasn't exactly had that much luck in the smartphone market; they're dominating PC sales, but are stretching for just 6 to 7% of the handset market. But with a wild option like this, who knows what the future will hold.
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