Acer and Gateway Business Notebooks Get Splashtop

Acer plans to use Splashtop's InstantView technology in its new ultraportable business class notebooks. InstantView is based on the Splashtop OS instant-on platform. Designed and customized by Acer, InstantView will provide business users with instant access to their laptops within seconds of pressing the power button. In this instant-on environment, users can view Microsoft Office Word and PowerPoint documents. You'll also be able to view previously exported Outlook information, Microsoft Office files, PDF documents, and screen shots off-line. InstantView will be included on the TravelMate TimelineX 8172T/ 8372T and Gateway NS10/30.

Splashtop Powers New Acer Small Business Notebooks

Customers Buying New TravelMate and Gateway Notebooks Can Enjoy Fast Boot Time and Read E-Mail and Documents Off-line

November 11, 2010 – San Jose, CA – Splashtop Inc., the worldwide leader in instant-on computing, today announced that Acer’s latest ultraportable business class notebooks will include InstantView, a technology designed and customized by Acer based on the award winning Splashtop OS instant-on platform. InstantView gives business users instant access to their Acer/Gateway business laptops within seconds of pressing the power button. In addition, previously exported office documents, emails, tasks and calendar items can be read offline when no internet connection is available.

InstantView continues the collaboration between Acer, the world’s second largest PC vendor, and Splashtop Inc., the leading provider of instant-on PC software. InstantView is included with TravelMate TimelineX 8172T/ 8372T (11.6”/13.3”) and Gateway NS10/30 (11.6"/13.3”).

“By working with Acer on InstantView, we help their customers integrate the Internet into their business day using our market leading instant-on technology,” said Mark Lee, CEO and co-founder at Splashtop Inc. “For on-the-go professionals who need to stay in touch with the office and clients, InstantView makes it easy and quick to browse websites, check email and read business documents all without booting into Windows.”

InstantView includes the following features:

  • Starts within seconds of pressing the power button
  • Display Microsoft Outlook mail, contact, task and schedules in addition to being able to view, edit, then synchronize changes (excluding mail) back to Windows using the Personal Information Manager (PIM) desktop
  • Internet browser supports Adobe Flash content
  • View Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint as well as Adobe Acrobat documents
  • View up to 200 browser and screen shots using ScreenGrab and WebGrab features
  • View previously exported Outlook information, Microsoft Office, PDF documents and screen shots off-line.

“By working with Splashtop, the addition of InstantView within our new business class notebooks redefines the business user experience for instant availability of information. In addition, the possibility to work online or offline will benefit overall productivity of an organization,” said David Lee, associate vice president of Acer’s Mobile Computing Business Unit at Acer.