Accused Florida Murderer Allegedly Asked iPhone’s Siri Where To Hide The Body

Apple's Siri might not be for everyone, but there's no denying that sometimes, it could prove to be a boon for finding out important, time-sensitive information fast. I must imagine, though, that there are some things Siri's Cupertino creator never planned on it being asked - such as where to hide a body.

That's just what one Florida man did, though, after he allegedly killed his roommate. By now, it's probably pretty hard to be surprised by a story like this, but what's most intriguing about it is that Siri actually had an answer!

Smart answers like these don't mean that Siri's programmed for such questions, of course; Siri's in effect a brain that answers based on the context, regardless of what's asked. The mechanic is not far different from going to Google and asking the same question. In this case, Siri's user either didn't think that the police would be able to see his question, or he simply didn't care.

It's worth noting that this event took place nearly two-years-ago, when Siri wasn't quite as refined as it is today. Even then, this man had enough faith in the technology to help him out with a truly unusual question, and for good reason I suppose, given the accurate answers.