AC Ryan Ships Playon!HD2 And Playon!HD Mini 2 Media Players

AC Ryan may not have the name recognition of Western Digital or Seagate in the media player industry, but with the explosion of digital content, lots of smaller companies are able to get in while the market's hot.

This is an example of one of those companies taking advantage. The Playon!HD2 and Playon!HD Mini 2 were both announced a few months ago, and now they're shipping. These players are the first to ship with the latest Realtek 1185 processor, and there's also a Gigabit Ethernet port, social networking compatibility, USB 3.0 and refreshed user interface.

Check around at your local outfits to see if they've got any in stock. We suspect they'll be available online in short order, but pricing information isn't being released quite yet.