Abit P965 abd 975 Mobos Reviewed

Our friends at the Tech Report have a review on-line today detailing Abit's P965-based AB9 Pro and their 975X Express-based AW9D-MAX Core 2 compatible motherboards. As usual, the crew at TR does a bang-up job covering all of the finer points of each product.

"Abit has beenon the comeback trail since its acquisition by USI, and we've been impressed by the company's recent AN8 32X and AT8 32X motherboards for Athlon 64 processors. Intel's Core 2 Duo has become the processor of choice for PC enthusiasts, though, and we've yet to see what a reinvigorated Abit can do with an LGA775 socket. Interestingly, Abit's most famous boards have been for Intel processors. Classics like the BH6 and BP6 essentially defined the enthusiast-oriented motherboard genre, making us particularly eager to see how Abit can complement the Core 2 Duo."

We've got both of these motherboards on the test bench "as we speak", and we have also just received brand new BIOS files for each that may resolve some of the issues uncovered in TR's article.  Stay tuned for our reviews in the coming weeks.

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