abit Introduces the IP35 Off Limits Series

abit Introduces the IP35 Off Limits Series of Motherboards

Future Ready: FSB 1333, multi-core, next generation 45 nm CPUs

May 21, 2007 – Universal abit today announced their newest Intel P35 chipset based motherboard series for Core 2 Extreme/Quad/Duo processors, the IP35 Series. These motherboards have been specifically engineered for and around LGA775 multi-core CPUs with up to 1333 MHz FSB, and CPU support already includes upcoming and future 45 nm processors. The IP35 Pro, the flagship motherboard of this brand new series, is equipped with abit's powerful µGuru™technology for extensive hardware monitoring and control. The extreme tuning and overclocking capabilities of this exclusively abit engineered microchip stands unsurpassed in the industry. With abit's µGuru you are back in the driver's seat again.

abit engineered
The IP35 Pro is geared towards extreme performance. Accompanying the native support for Intel's latest multi-core and future 45 nm CPUs, abit took measures for an even higher performance potential to be explored by the users themselves. 100% Japanese made solid state capacitors warrant the best electrical characteristics under the most stable currents. abit's patented Silent OTES convection heat-pipe design keeps the Northbridge as well as the PWMs efficiently cool. These abit engineered features prolong the life of your motherboard product and dramatically increase durability by protecting vital components from strenuous thermal and electrical stress. The onboard Power/Reset switches make testing your setup outside the case even more convenient. An external CCMOS reset switch eliminates the need to open the case again, in case you have tuned it too far. abit puts you in the pole position for off limits computing...

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