A Trip Down Computer Memory Lane

For an old-timer like me, C|Net's tour of the DigiBarn, a 19th-century farmhouse deep in the Santa Cruz mountains, about 90 minutes south of San Francisco, brings back a lot of memories.  Late nights huddled in front of my C64 using Nibble-Copy to "backup" some games, hammering my way through Sword of Sodan on the IIGS and Shadow of the beast on the Amiga - good times.

"The DigiBarn, which is the pride and joy of NASA contractor Bruce Damer and his partner in curation, Alan Lundell, is what might be termed a temporary museum in transition. That's because, on the one hand, it is always growing as the aging lions of Silicon Valley donate their old playthings, and on the other, very wet winters force Damer and Co. to put everything in boxes every year to avoid losing it all to rust.

Yet, the collection is surprisingly broad, taking visitors from early 20th-century mechanical calculators all the way through modern Web appliances, stopping along the way to focus on several important elements of the computer revolution."

You can see some of my personal PC collectibles - including a signed Woz Edition Apple IIGS - in this HotHardware blast from the past.
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