A Single Bad Boatsman Takes Down The Internet

In this situation, "oops" doesn't cut it.  No matter what you say, "sorry" will not butter the biscuit, so to speak.  All apologies, simply isn't enough to make good on this ridiculous blunder.  OK, so maybe things were looking pretty bleak on the high seas that fateful day and a few of the rookies were a bit nervous they might not get back to see dry land and that cocktail waitress at the Beef-N-Ale but holy mackerel, man!  Suck it up!  You can't anchor here.  There's a big fat pipe of fiber-optic cable below and don't even think about interrupting India, Egypt, and Dubai's daily dose of HotHardware!

Submarine Cable World Map

"According to reports, the internet blackout, which has left 75 million people with only limited access, was caused by a ship that tried to moor off the coast of Egypt in bad weather on Wednesday. Since then phone and internet traffic has been severely reduced across a huge swath of the region, slashed by as much as 70% in countries including India, Egypt and Dubai.

While tens of millions have been directly affected, the impact of the blackout has spread far wider, with economies across Asia and the Middle East struggling to cope."

Thanks a lot man.  What is wrong with you?  Put down the bong and the box of Ring-Dings and pilot the dang boat, OK?  People are trying to get their fill of HH here.  That just ain't right.

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