A Novel Take On the Laptop Skin: Adhesive Leather for Your MacBook

Ever since Darth Vader started appearing on MacBooks in coffee shops, we’ve had a thing for creative laptop skins. Nordic, a small design firm, has an unusual new skin for fans of leather: Onanoff, which is a leather skin that attaches to the laptop with an adhesive film.

Thanks to the adhesive, Nordic was able to keep the skin extremely thin. In fact, it’s thin enough that you can put a strip of the skin on the inside of the laptop to make a leather wrist rest. You can pick up a skin for the bottom of your laptop too, if you want the complete look, but the skin that matters most is the one that attaches to the MacBook’s lid. It has a cutout in the middle to let your MacBook’s Apple logo shine through.

Nordic says that you can remove the Onanoff skins without them leaving behind any residue (something we haven’t confirmed yet). Skins for the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro Retina are shipping. They’re still not as cool as Vader, in our opinion, but if you’re going for a more professional look, Onanoff skins might be worth checking out.