A New Passive Cooling Solution For High-End Cards

It looks like the guys over at Arctic Cooling have come up with a new passive cooling solution for some of the beefier graphics cards out on the market right now. Its always great to see new innovations in cooling whether it be for processors, graphics cards, or what ever, especially if it can help keep my rig from sounding like a Boeing 747 during take-off. Take a look at what The Inquirer has to say about the new Accelero S1.

If you like quiet high-end cooling systems, Arctic has something for you. These guys are long time in the industry and have been developing coolers for HIS and PowerColor cards. Now the firm has its attentions to high-end cards. The Accelero S1 sports four heat pipes and there will be a cheaper model with two heat pipes as well. It works with all cards up to Geforce 7950GT and Radeon X1950 XTX. The big cooler is taller than the average graphic card but it will do the job quietly.This product will be available in a few weeks and you'll see it on some retail graphic cards as well.

Arctic Cooling has yet to add the Accelero S1 to their product lineup on their web site found here, but hopefully it will soon be up for a closer look.