A new life enters the world and it is good. -

OK, so this one is a couple days late but that doesn't minimize its tremendous importance!  Fellow HH'er Azwrath from our forum and his wife, are the proud parents of a brand new bouncing baby boy, Derek Joseph (DJ for short)!  DJ and Dad are pictured here sporting their HH pride. 

DJ and Dad on DJ's Birthday!

Good lookin' little man there Az.  He's gonna be tweakin' and gaming before you know it.  And might I add, with Dad's obvious fashion sense, he's bound to attract that hotties from afar! 

Congrats Az, that's what life is all about.  Enjoy him bro.. By the way, I hear you are a Martial Artist... I'm aspiring that way myself lately; brown belt in training.  We gotta trade some chi some time.  :)

Happy Birthday DJ!

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