A Glimpse at ATI's R600 GPU

CoolTechZone has published some preliminary info regarding ATI's next-generation R600 GPU. Here, their sources are indicating there will be an amazing 64 pixel/vertex shaders which will reside in a unified shader architecture. Based on either an 80u or 65u process, it will be interesting to see how far ATI can push frequencies or whether the company can lower power consumption. Overall, it appears as though the rumor mill is already coming up to speed on this new GPU despite it not being launched until the Christmas timeframe.

The R600 will also be the first practical implementation of ATI's GPU concept. This is something we would be very interested in seeing because if this works as well as ATI claims, then apart from cutting down CPU load, it might put certain PhysX processor manufacturers out of business, simply because ATI cards would not need an additional card to do necessary computations for Physics. The onboard GPU will take care of it.


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