$99 Archos PC Stick Joins Intel And Lenovo In Cheap Windows 10 Computing Push

Intel kicked things off with its $149 Compute Stick, and Lenovo followed up this week with its $129 ideacentre Stick 300. Now a new player has entered in the form of the Archos PC Stick.

Not surprisingly, Archos’ entry doesn’t stray to far from the formula used by Intel and Lenovo. That means you’ll find the same quad-core 1.33GHz Intel Atom Z3735F processor, Intel integrated graphics, 2GB of RAM, and 32GB of storage. You’ll also find a microSD slot, microUSB connector, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth 4.0. The Archos PC stick will come pre-loaded with Windows 10, which means that you likely won’t be able to purchase the device until July 29, or hopefully at least shortly afterwards.

Archos PC Stick

Where Archos trumps the other two is in design. While the Compute Stick and ideacentre Stick 300 are devoid of any style whatsoever and look rather business-like, the Archos Compute Stick injects a little flavor into its 4.45-inch x 1.44-inch x 0.55-inch frame. You’ll find smooth curves on a device that comes in a nice shade of blue.

Better yet, the Archos PC Stick manages to undercut both of its rivals with a price tag of just $99. “Companies have constantly pushed boundaries to make computers smaller, and we’ve taken this challenge to the next level by offering a matchbox-sized PC for less than $100,” said Archos CEO Loic Poirier.  “Mobility is at the center of our lifestyles and the PC Stick allows us to be on-the-go and productive.”

Archos PC Stick

With that price tag, Archos calls its latest arrival the “Ultimate Portable Computer.” That remains to be seen, but the French company definitely has “The Right Stuff,” at least on paper.