95% Off Professional Python & Linux Administration Bundle In The HotHardware Shop

If you want to dive into the worlds of Python and Linux, we’ve got an e-learning deal in the HotHardware Shop that will be right up your alley. A Professional Python & Linux Administration Bundle is 95% off available for under $50 at the moment...

python deal

Python is widely considered one of the best first languages to learn for aspiring programmers because of its relative simplicity and usefulness. Python is commonly used in web, game, and software development, and is also the most used language for creating system security programs. Its applications are virtually endless. If you have an interest in coding, this massive course will be the one to get you hooked!
  • Access 157 lectures & 29 hours of content 24/7 
  • Learn Python syntax, from beginner to expert 
  • Understand Abstraction I & II, Exceptions in programs, Methods, properties & iterators, Standard Libraries & more 
  • Interact w/ system files using IDLE or Python Interpreter 
  • Create your own servers & clients using socket programming 
  • Master database support w/ SQLite 
  • Cover CGI, Screen Scraping, mod_python & more web programming topics 
  • Test, debug & log in Python
You can find this deal right here...

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