96% Off Computer Science Programming Languages 2017 Bootcamp In The HotHardware Shop

If you’re thinking about learning some new coding skills and bolstering your resume, we’ve got a deal running in the HotHardware Shop you’ll want to check out. We’ve got a Computer Science Programming Languages 2017 Bootcamp e-learning bundle discounted by 96% and available for only $34...

comp sci bundle

Programmers know it's essential to stay up to date on the newest developments in programming languages and tools, and this course is designed to do just that. With ten complete modules on some of the newest updates in computer science, this course is ideal for veterans trying to refresh their craft, or noobs looking to get off on the right foot. Regardless of skill level, you'll expand your skill sets to be a more accomplished, more employable programmer.
  • Access 10 complete units of study 24/7 
  • Learn Ruby programming, C#, & Docker essentials 
  • Build modern web layouts w/ the new CSS Flexbox 
  • Dive into Pascal programming 
  • Explore the new features of Bootstrap 4 
  • Discover brand new programming languages like Erlang, Google Go, & Julia 
  • Learn MEAN Stack
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