95% Off An Ultimate Computer Security Bundle In the HotHardware Shop

If you're looking to bolster your security skillset, we've got a deal running in the HotHardware Shop that will be of interest. An Ultimate Computer Security Bundle with certifications in CISSP, Encryption, Pentesting, and Ethical Hacking -- among others -- is currently discounted by over 95% and available for under $30.

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Security is everything in this networked world of computers and mobile devices. Corporate environments have as much, if not more, of a vested interest in their computer security than individuals, and are willing to pay a premium for competent people who can help secure their systems. This 7-course bundle will give you a comprehensive background - and certifications - in IT security, ethical hacking, Voice over IP security, data security, and more. Soon enough, you'll be fully certified and ready to enter the computer security job market with a complete arsenal.

  • Part 1: CISSP Certification Training Program (6 Hours)
    • Earn the internationally recognized CISSP security certification for information security professionals 
    • Gain a career distinction w/ enhanced credibility & marketability
  • Part 2: VoIP Hacking & Penetration Testing Training (6 Hours)
    • Gain the knowledge & skills to create, secure & monitor a Voice over IP (VoIP) 
    • Learn to use Metasplot, Nmap, Viproy, Nessus, Hping & other tools
  • Part 3: The Bible of Hacking (6 Hours)
    • Learn the fundamentals of Ethical Hacking from a professional & become a certified hacker
  • Part 4: Document Hashing & Secure Password Hashing Using the JCA (4 Hours)
    • Use the Java Cryptography Architecture to implement document hashing & secure password hashing into Java applications 
    • Learn how to use salt & iteration count for secure password hashing under PBKDF2 from PKCS#5 security standards
  • Part 5: Become a Master of the Applied Encryption & Its Terminology (4 Hours)
    • Explore the common terminology & technical background of encryption technologies
  • Part 6: Understand TCP For Computer Networks (3 Hours) ?Understand the processes & functions by which data is transferred 
    • Learn how TCP performance is impacted & how to rectify common issues w/ TCP connections
  • Part 7: Advanced Mobile Application Penetration Testing (10 Hours)
    • Practice hands-on exercises designed to hack mobile apps in a legal environment 
    • Learn how to assess a mobile app's security & gain a valuable, employable skill
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