87% Off A Super SaaS 2016 Bundle In The HotHardware Shop

We’ve got a bunch of useful services bundled together and on sale in the HotHardware Shop at the moment. Organization tools, could storage, a private phone number, and a VPN service are currently 87% off and available for under 60 bucks for the whole shebang...

saas bundle sale

Take a good, hard look at how you allocate your time on the computer with Time Doctor—the app that helps you spend your time wisely. Which applications do you tend to have open? What activities do you do most frequently? Time Doctor will give you the tools to reevaluate and revise how you approach your day, so you can get more done in less time!
  • Helps improve your focus & minimize procrastination
  • Tracks time spent on various activities to improve your time allocation
  • Delivers pop-ups prompting you to return to work when you’re surfing the web
  • Integrates w/ popular management platforms like Asana & Basecamp to track time spent on projects 
  • Includes functionality to give clients access to your account
  • Features easy setup process & includes comprehensive customer support
  • Keeps all logged data private w/ top-notch encryption
You can find this awesome bundle right here.