6 Months With Vista

Vista.  The name makes most people either smile or cringe, depending on whether or not they’ve run into compatibility issues.  So how does Vista stack up on the whole?
“Nearly six months after it launched, gripes over what doesn't work with Vista continue, eclipsing positive buzz over the program's improved desktop search, graphics and security.

With Vista now shipping on most new computers, it's all but guaranteed to become the world's dominant PC operating system — eventually. For now, some users are either learning to live with workarounds or sticking with Vista's predecessor, Windows XP.”
While it is easy to point fingers and call names, it’s harder to look at the greater issues here.  A large group of the complaints thus far come from devices not functioning properly to less than flawless backwards compatibility.

It’s been said many times, but the bottom line is that MS can’t be expected to write drivers for every piece of hardware nor can they reprogram every older program out there.  They made a choice to change the way a few things work, and they knew it was going to cause some compatibility issues.

Drivers and programs are slowly catching up, and things are looking better with every passing day.
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