50 Most Significant Moments In Internet History

There's nothing like a little light reading to help pass the time on a lazy Sunday afternoon. The folks over at Crave have posted an article entitled, "The 50 most significant moments of Internet history". Unfortunately, they don't have the days we launched our video channel or when we gave away a fully loaded Skulltrail rig, but we'll forgive them...

"Back in 1995, Time magazine published a cover story called 'On A Screen Near You'. It highlighted the results of an 18-month Carnegie Mellon University study (with the dated title 'Marketing Pornography on the Information Superhighway') that looked at how much porn there was on the Net. And as demonstrated by the magazine's cover image of a shocked little boy in front of a computer, the Internet was overrun with porn and perverts, and the kids weren't safe anymore.

But it was the nature of the article itself that was interesting. It focused on bulletin board systems and newsgroups, dial-up modems, and terms like 'Information Superhighway', 'cyberporn', and 'phone bill'. Times have changed. But even in 1995, the Internet -- as opposed to the Web -- had seen a couple of decades of development. And it's now had over a decade more. It's given us hundreds and hundreds of milestones; thousands of defining moments."

There's some fun stuff mixed in with some series moments. Can you believe Google is only 10 years old? It's amazing what can happen in a single decade. And how creepy is that Time magazine cover? Yikes.