4K Magazine Landing On PlayStation 3 Store

1080p is "high-def enough" for most people. What's the rush to find the next best thing? In the technology world, that race never ends, and Sony's already doing everything they can to push 4K. "4K" is short for 4K x 2K, which is the next major step-up in resolution. RED camcorders already film natively in 4K, and many high-end / cinema projectors already project 4K. But largely, 4K isn't available for regular consumers. That said, Sony knows that at least a small percentage of their PlayStation 3 consoles are linked to 4K displays of some sort, and in order to push the envelope, they're doing something rather unique.

Lucent Pictures Entertainment plans to tap into the small 4K market by issuing their next iQueen magazine with 4096x2160 imagery. It's a publication that is already being distributed through the PlayStation Store, and we suspect that this won't be the last issue with such high-res snapshots. It'll cost you $25, but if you have the cash to afford a 4K display necessary for maximum enjoyment, that's probably pocket change.