45nm Intel Mobile Processors On The Horizon

According to a story published on DigiTimes, 45nm notebook processors derived from the upcoming 'Penryn' core will account for 50% of Intel's total shipments by the second quarter of next year.  We've known for quite some time that Intel's 45nm parts were slated to arrive this year with production ramping up in '08, but information claiming that the company plans to ship 45nm mobile CPUs in such quantity is a new development.

"45nm-based Penryn processors for Santa Rosa Refresh will launch in first quarter of 2008 and are expected to account for 20% of total notebook CPU shipments for the quarter. In the second quarter, CPUs supported by the Montevina platform will launch and account for 15% of shipments, while the proportion of Santa Rosa Refresh CPUs will increase to 35%.

Intel will also launch two further chipsets, Cantiga GS and Cantiga GL, in the third quarter. Cantiga GS will focus on the SFF (small form factor) desktop PC market, while Cantiga GL will target the value notebook market. All Cantiga chipsets will pair with the new ICH9M southbridge, according to the sources."

Intel's strong position in the mobile marketplace will only be solidified if this news comes to fruition.  I guess when you've got as many fabs coming on line as Intel does, almost anything is possible.