3D Vision Video Now Available Worldwide on YouTube

NVIDIA has just announced that YouTube is now hosting 3D Vision video, so users can access, view, and share stereoscopic 3D videos worldwide. To view the videos in proper 3D, you’ll obviously need an NVIDIA 3D Vision or compatible 3DTV Play setup as well as a new version of FireFox with the requisite plug-in.

There are already a ton of videos available, with many of the better offerings cataloged on the NVIDIA 3D Vision Live website. If you’ve got a 3D Vision setup and are able to check out some of the vids, we’d love to hear some feedback. We’ve tried a handful of them and think it’s great that such a wealth of 3D content is now available so freely.

For more info and details, we’ve got the full press release posted below...

NVIDIA 3D Vision Video Now Available Worldwide on YouTube

Users Can Easily Share and Enjoy High-quality, Stereoscopic 3D Videos on YouTube with Their NVIDIA 3D Vision PCs


SANTA CLARA, Calif. — May 26, 2011 — NVIDIA today announced that YouTube is for the first time giving users the ability to view thousands of 3D videos in rich, high-quality stereoscopic 3D on their NVIDIA® 3D Vision™ PCs and notebooks when using the latest version of the Mozilla Firefox Web browser.

“We’re excited to introduce HTML5 and WebM support to the thousands of 3D videos available on YouTube,” said Jonathan Huang 3D Product Manager at YouTube. “By embracing these open standards, NVIDIA 3D Vision users now have a great way of experiencing YouTube’s library of 3D content.”

“Firefox with 3D Vision creates a stunning and smooth 3D video experience using HTML5 video based on open standards,” said Jay Sullivan, VP of Products at Mozilla. “3D Vision from NVIDIA is a great example of the rich, innovative experiences that are being built on top of the speed and graphics power that Firefox delivers to the Web.”

“Sales of our ASUS G series notebooks with 3D Vision have been strong,” said Ben Thacker, vice president of Systems Business Group-Distribution, ASUS North America. “Now that users can view YouTube videos in high-quality 3D, we expect interest in the ASUS 3D Vision models to grow significantly.”

With a number of new, consumer 3D video cameras launched this year, YouTube’s support of NVIDIA 3D Vision technology extends its existing commitment to 3D, enabling even more consumers and 3D enthusiasts to share their 3D videos online. With attractively priced models now available from JVC, Sony and other leading vendors, users now have another easy way to capture and post high-quality 3D videos on YouTube, 3DVisionLive.com, or even their own websites by embedding the YouTube 3D video player.

To further showcase the new YouTube stereoscopic 3D video streaming capabilities and some of the latest professional and user-generated 3D YouTube videos, NVIDIA is now hosting the top YouTube stereoscopic 3D videos on its 3D web community site.

“YouTube 3D on an NVIDIA 3D Vision PC is an amazing experience,” said Phil Eisler, general manager of 3D Vision at NVIDIA. “Now 3D Vision PC users can enjoy over 525 games, YouTube videos and photos in theater-quality, full-resolution 3D.”

To view YouTube stereoscopic 3D videos, an NVIDIA 3D Vision-equipped PC or notebook and the latest NVIDIA GeForce® drivers (version 275 or above), are required, as well as Firefox (version 4 or above), which includes support for HTML5 video streaming. Users will also need to select the HTML5 viewing option when viewing a YouTube 3D video.

In addition, with NVIDIA 3DTV Play software, users can connect their PCs to their 3D HDTVs to enjoy 3D YouTube videos on the “big screen” in the comfort of their living rooms.

For web developers interested in embedding YouTube 3D videos or stream HTML5 videos from their own sites, more information is available here.

And for more information about how to view YouTube videos with 3D Vision, please visit the 3DVisionLive website.