3D Systems Unveils ProJet 4500 Full Color 3D Printer

3D Systems can lay claim to some compelling projects, including the handheld Sense 3D scanner, and you can add a new full color printer to that list. The ProJet 4500 is a professional 3D printer that can print in continuous CMY color with a layer of 0.1mm.

The ProJet 4500 uses a plastic print material called VisiJet C4 Spectrum, which boasts high flexibility and strength and, with the ProJet 4500’s capabilities, can produce over a million unique color possibilities. The printer is designed with a feature to recycle its materials, making for a greener overall product (and one that’s ostensibly less expensive to use).

3D Systems ProJet 4500

The device offers a vertical print speed of 8mm/hr, and the net build volume is 8 x 10 x 8 inches. Other features include automated setup and self-monitoring, integrated part cleaning, an intuitive control panel, and the ability to control the printer from a tablet or smartphone.

There’s also a companion app called Print3D, and--this is perhaps a bit odd--the only supported Windows operating systems are Windows 7 and Vista.