38: HotHardware's Two and A Half Geeks Webcast - Oct. 25, 2011

In this latest episode of HotHardware's Two and Half Geeks, Iyaz, Marco and Dave discuss Apple's new iPhone 4S, OCZ's RevoDrive Hybrid PCI Express HD/SSD, the Asus Zenbook UX21 Ultrabook, our huge round-up of Z68 motherboards, and details of our next sweepstakes where one lucky reader could win a Core i7-based, high fidelity multimedia PC…

Show Notes:
01:05 - Apple iPhone 4S: What's In It For You vs iPhone 4?
09:23 - OCZ RevoDrive Hybrid PCI Express SSD Review
13:05 - Asus Zenbook UX21E Hands-On Video Demo
18:42 - Z68 Roundup: ASUS, EVGA, ASRock, GB, MSI, ZOTAC
21:23 - Contest System Details Revealed