3500 Fake Cisco Products In US Gov Networks

Grab your tinfoil hats people, the conspiracy theories are about to start flying. The FBI just recently finished conducting an investigation into the networking components being used by the government.

"Operation Cisco Raider uncovered 3,500 counterfeit Cisco network components, with an estimated value of $3.5 million.  According to the FBI’s briefing of the Office of Management and Budget, the counterfeit equipment could allow the remote jamming of networks thought to be secure and possibly could allow access to networks remotely."

The FBI is understandably concerned that counterfeit components would allow unwanted users to access secure networks.   The question would be whether or not the people selling the components did so as a way of making a quick buck or if they were intentionally trying to put government networks at risk.

We’re certain to find out more as 15 criminal cases have been filed so far against those that either sold, manufactured, or were otherwise involved with the fake products.