343 Industries to Pull the Plug on Halo 2 PC Servers in February

In what's sure to bring tears to tens of people, Halo 2's PC multiplayer servers are permanently going dark next month. 343 Industries made the decision to pull the plug when it noticed that usage was consistently peaking at around just 20 player or less.

"We’re sad to report that the service end-date for Halo 2 PC multiplayer will be February 15, 2013. We’ve been monitoring the population for months, and it’s been peaking consistently at approximately 20 players or less. Those that own this game can continue to enjoy multiplayer over LAN after that date; however our network services will be turned off at that time. We love you, Halo 2 PC, and you will live forever in our hearts," 343 Industries posted on Halo Waypoint.

Halo 2

As pointed out, PC gamers can still play multiplayer matches, they'll just need to host the game sessions themselves.

Halo 2 launched over eight years ago in 2004 to the Xbox 360, and then to PC in May 2007. Halo 2's Xbox servers where then unplugged in April 2010, while the PC servers remained online.

The Halo series has been a cash cow and continues to attract new fans. In November, Microsoft announced that Halo 4 sales topped $220 million in the 24 hours, qualifying it as the "biggest U.S. entertainment launch of the year" up to that point. Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 managed to outgun Halo 4 sales by raking in $500 million during its first 24 hours, but it's worth nothing that Black Ops 2 launched to multiple platforms, giving it a decided advantage.