300 Time Warner Cable Channels Coming to Microsoft's Xbox 360

Microsoft has been in dire need of a win pertaining to its Xbox products lately, and this one is pretty good: Xbox 360 users with an Xbox Live Gold membership will be able to watch 300 of Time Warner Cable’s “most popular” channels live, right from their consoles with TWC TV. They’ll be able to navigate the channels using voice commands and the Kinect, which makes for an interesting experience.

In fact, that sounds just about exactly like one of the Xbox One’s most impressive features--more integrated, powerful, and accurate voice control for all your entertainment needs on one device.

Xbox 360, now with TWC TV

So why isn’t this TWC TV deal available for the Xbox One yet? Microsoft didn’t say in its press release, but it did offer this teaser:

We are equally excited to deliver new entertainment experiences with Xbox One launching later this year, which will allow you to instantly switch from watching live TV to playing a game with the sound of your voice. We will have more details to share about Xbox One entertainment in the coming months.

Reading between the lines, we’d wager that Xbox One users will get the same--or better--treatment when the new console hits store shelves.