2.5 Geeks: Ryzen 6000 Zen 3+ Deep Dive With AMD's Robert Hallock

amd robert hallock livestream hero
We recently had the opportunity to go live with AMD’s Director of Technical Marketing, Robert Hallock, to chat about the Ryzen 6000 series mobile processors and the intricacies of the laptop market. Our discussion, complete with some new revelations regarding the Ryzen 7 5800X3D, is posted below.

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Show Notes:
07:28 Introducing Robert Hallock
10:12 Zen3+ vs. Competitive Architectures
15:35 The Laptop Market Today
17:00 Specific Optimizations In Zen3+
19:50 The RDNA2-Based Radeon 680M
23:23 The iGPU And Content Creation Workloads
24:40 Viewer Question: Raven Ridge GPU Drivers
25:13 Maintaining CPU And GPU Core Counts
28:03 Discussing Platform Power Optimizations
33:26 AMD In Premium Thin-And-Lights
36:19 Viewer Question: Any Ryzen 6000 Tablets?
37:05 Viewer Question: Lenovo + Ryzen 6000?
40:00 How Did OEMs React To Ryzen 6000?
42:52 How’s Ryzen 6000 Yield?
44:45 Viewer Question: LPDDR5 Supply
45:32 The Ryzen 7 5800X3D And Overclocking
49:14 Make A 5950X With 3D V-Cache!
52:00 Viewer Question: Ryzen 6000 SFF PCs?
54:10 What Did Tech Media Miss With Ryzen 6000?
59:44 Viewer Question: Socket AM5 Lifespan?
01:01:01 AMD’s Strategy Regarding Accelerators
01:03:46 The Wrap Up