2.5 Geeks 1/17/19: Best Of CES 2019, Intel-AMD Acquisition Rumor Craziness, EVGA Nu Audio & More!

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On this episode of HotHardware’s Two And Half Geeks, Marco, Paul and Dave will be running down the Best of CES 2019, some crazy rumors about Intel and AMD, EVGA's cool Nu Audio sound card and more!

Show Notes:
04:41 - HotHardware's Best Of CES 2019: Laptops, Displays, Systems And More
52:21 - EVGA NU Audio Review: Crisp, Clear, Sound For PC Enthusiasts
59:20 - Crazy Or Plausible? Intel Rumored To Consider AMD Acquisition
64:04 - Were You Duped Into Facebook's Creepy AI Feeding 10 Year Challenge?