2020 Toyota Supra Leaked Again Revealing Interior And Rumored Base Price Of $49,990

Updated 1/14/2018
The 2020 Toyota Supra is now officially official; read all about it here.

2020 supra 3
What else is left at this point? There have been more leaks of the 2020 Toyota Supra than you can shake a stick at over the past few weeks; most of them coming from within Toyota. Today, we've got even more pics along with alleged pricing for the vehicle.
2020 supra 2

Starting off with pictures, we've got official front and rear 3/4 shots of the vehicle in red along with a new one in silver. Maybe our eyes are playing tricks with us, but we find the vehicle to be a bit more enticing in silver than in red. With that being said, it's still a rather busy design with all the scoops, curves and that bulbous noose... but we digress.

2020 supra 4

The other big revel comes with the interior, which has been shown off in full. As expected, there is a lot of BMW switchgear seen in the vehicle (navigation screen, climate controls, shifter, etc.) given that the Supra shares a platform with the 2019 BMW Z4. One nice added touch is the red trim in the interior on the steering wheel and along the driver's side portion of the center console and the arm rest/cupholder area. This sort of delineates the "driver's space" within the cockpit.

2020 supra interior

The other critical bit of information that has been leaked from the SupraMKV.com is with respect to pricing, which is said to be from a reliable source:

Base 3.0 six cylinder: $49,990

Premium 3.0 six cylinder: $53,990

Launch edition 3.0 six cylinder: $55,250

The Launch Edition is the pre-order car, and among other things has some aesthetic changes and may come with some accessories off car, but at its core is the 3.0L Premium.

That's about $10,000 cheaper than we were previously expecting, but still at least $15,000 more expensive than vehicles like the Mustang GT that pumps out 460 horsepower. 

2020 supra 1

With that being said, about the only thing left for Toyota to reveal is final power and performance figures for the vehicle so that we can get a real feel for how it will stack up against the competition.