Origin PC Lets Out A 'Big O' For 2020 Combining A Gaming PC And Console Into One

big o green yellow

Origin PC has unveiled the 2020 edition of its "Big O", which is a hybrid gaming desktop. Inside the chassis is a liquid-cooled PC, a liquid-cooled gaming console, and an optional capture card in one system. The machine is aimed at gamers, streamers, content creators, and professional users. We visited the 2019 edition of the Big O back in July.

Inside the large chassis is a liquid-cooled gaming PC on one side, and a liquid-cooled console of the user's choice on the other side. Big O can be fitted with a PS4 Pro or an Xbox One S All-Digital Edition. Both consoles include the original hardware, but there is an option to upgrade either of them to SSDs for internal storage.

big o console

The console and PC each have their own dedicated power supply and HDMI outputs so they can be used at the same time through different screens. The optional video capture card is an Elgato 4K60 Pro to allow capture of content, including 4K gameplay to the PC.

The PC hardware inside the computer section of the Big O is highly customizable, allowing the user to choose the CPU, mainboard, RAM, GPU, and storage drives. Origin offers the latest GeForce RTX graphics cards and either Intel Core or AMD Ryzen processors. The machine can also be fitted with Corsair components and peripherals. The Big O starts at $2,499, and the price will vary greatly depending on the console chosen and the PC hardware selected. The system is backed with a one-year parts replacement warranty and lifetime support over the phone. You can configure the Big O PC here.