2016 Chevy Volt Falls To $33,995 Before $7,500 Federal Tax Credit, Boats 50-Mile EV Range

Chevrolet announced pricing on the 2016 Volt that shaves nearly $1,200 off of its predecessor’s price tag. The new Volt electric vehicle (EV) rolls in at $33,995, but that’s before you subtract the federal tax credit. The credit can save you as much as $7,500, which would bring your total to around $26,495. If you live in California, state credits could dip the price to just below $25,000.

The Volt is dropping in price, making it a more accessible EV.

The Volt handles up to 50 miles on a single charge. Chevrolet has been quick to point out that, for many drivers, the 50-mile range means they’ll do most of their driving in the all-electric mode. As we discussed earlier this year, the 50-mile range is an important milestone for Chevrolet. If you still get nervous at the thought of running out of juice with 50-mile range vehicle, you can hold out a little longer for the upcoming Bolt EV, which is expected to have a 200-mile range.

For longer drives, the Volt supplements its electric power with gas, boosting the between-fill-up range to be as many as 1,000 miles. On gasoline power, the Volt is expected to average 41 mpg, while electric/gas will get you 102 mpge. (That “e” stands for electric.)

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Chevrolet set its sights on the Toyota Prius in its announcement, saying that the Prius has been the top trade-in among Volt customers. The Prius remains the lower-priced hybrid, starting at $24,200.
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