1Terabyte Of Blu-ray. That's Sharp. Not Yours.

Sharp Electronics  announced the December availability of a Blu-ray format high-definition DVD recorder with a formidable 1 terabyte of hard disk storage. Sharp is aligned with Sony, touting the Blu-ray format for next generation video, while rivals Microsoft and Toshiba back the HD-DVD format. 

The 1-terabyte model, capable of recording 127 hours of digital high-definition programs, will go on sale on December 1 in Japan for about 300,000 yen ($2,616).

Sharp also plans to offer eight other new Blu-ray recorder models by the end of the year in Japan in a bid to replace video cassette recorders and conventional DVD machines.

The Osaka-based company said on Wednesday it has no specific plans at the moment for overseas launch of these products.

Nifty? Yes. Cost too much? Check. Widely available? Of course not. We're all still going to be watching regular DVDs in the nursing home at this rate.

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Via:  Reuters
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